Breathe Better with FL O2 Cold Air Intake

I have been struggling with my sinuses for years and though I tried to find relief with different kind of essential oils, for the first time I can gladly say that I found the perfect blend to help me breathe: FL O2!

FL O2 : Breath of fresh air in a bottle? Yes, please!

Living in Miami with a very humid weather and air conditioner everywhere, hasn’t really been helping my allergies and sinuses issues.

One day I was at a friend’s house and randomly started to sneeze, and feel discomfort in my nose… My allergies were just wilding!

He immediately told me ” Wait, I got you! ” and showed me a small spray bottle with a dark liquid in it. Then he told me to spray it twice in my hands before rubbing them against each other and to breathe deeply.

Once I did, I was shocked! Non only did I feel immediate relief, but I also felt like my airways were opening and clearing up.

Few seconds later I was totally forgetting about the discomfort I had felt at my friends place.

I took a picture right away and ordered it that same day.

Ever since I have received my FL O2, I keep a bottle in my purse, one by my bed, one in my car and one in my gym bag. That way I can find quick relief whenever my sinuses start wilding again.

Before working out

I also love to use it before working out because, right after inhaling FL O2 I feel energized, more focused and can breathe with more ease.

What’s in the bottle?

When you look at the ingredients, it feels good to see that FL O2 is an amazing blend composed of some of my favorite organic essential oils :

Organic Jasmin Oil : In addition to making you feel good, some studies supports that it increases breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation, and physical arousal. 

Organic Wintergreen Oil : Its decongestant properties help to break up thick mucus caused by infection, allowing you to expel the mucus and the infection in an easier and more comfortable way.

Organic Rosemary Oil : Known to improve brain function and help with stress relief.

Check out FL O2 official website and get your bottle today !

Use the promo code “TODAYFLO” to get a nice discount.


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