Top Wellness Treatments in Miami: Nutritional IV Therapy, Holistic Healing and Massage


Miami earned nearly two consecutive years as the #1 healthiest city in America. According to the Mindbody Wellness Index, Miami is one of the fittest, and happiest places to reside in the country. The amazing beaches and year-round sunny weather are a reason to brag but the accessible health options are equally important.  Since the start of the pandemic, residents have put more focus on their wellness with more aesthetic and alternative medicine. Want to try something new? Read on to see some of the top wellness modalities this city has to offer.


Where to go: Lapis & Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, involves the use of different water temperatures, to induce physiologic changes for health purposes. Traditionally, hot water dilates superficial glands which activates pore cleansing, toxic waste removal, and loosening joints, while cold water closes superficial glands which is great to relieve inflammation and muscle tension. Hydrotherapy includes saunas, ice baths, steam baths, colonic cleansing, etc. There is no pain associated with hydrotherapy treatments. Our recommendations are Lapis and Carillon Wellness Resort. Both offer an extensive list of spa treatments and innovative wellness that includes restorative mineral-enriched water therapies. You’ll be feeling relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated in no time.


Where to go: Cryo Miami & Reset Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is similar to hydrotherapy except it utilizes cold air temperatures. Cryotherapy exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures, usually between negative 200-300° F, for a controlled time. This causes a refreshing sensation. Intense cold on the body reduces inflammation, injury pain, numbs nerve irritation, and is beneficial as a treatment for arthritic pain. The cold shock to your body also cleanses the tissues from toxins and supplies the core with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. On top of these benefits, the treatment only takes 2-4 minutes. Therefore, there is no pain or uncomfortable freezing experienced during the treatment. Both Cryo Miami and Reset can help you explore cryotherapy. 

Holistic Healing

Where to go: Tierra Santa Healing House & âme Spa & Wellness Collective 

Holistic medicine focuses on comprehensive mind and body restoration. Modern-day holistic medicine combines ancient healing rituals from around the world with massage and body therapy. Additionally, holistic medicine holds that a person is responsible for their innate healing. This healing is about tapping into more than just biological healing but also spiritual vibrations and energies. Some aspects of holistic medicine include sound bowls, chakra harmonization, and healing vibrations. More common holistic practices also include acupuncture and cupping. Unsure about what holistic healing can do for you? The Tierra Santa Healing House and âme Spa & Wellness Collective are our best recommendations. Both offer an extensive spa list that includes holistic healing by trained holistic practitioners. 

Nutritional IV Therapy 

Where to go: ivee

Nutritional IV Therapy in Miami is at the forefront of powerful wellness modalities. ivee is a convenient on-demand service that sends a nurse to wherever you may need it. IV treatments help deliver hydration, vitamins, and minerals directly to the bloodstream, meaning nutrients bypass the digestive tracts and deliver benefits immediately. The body absorbs and utilizes these nutrients instantly. Thanks to certified health professionals, there is only a small pinch experienced during IV administration. Nutritional IV therapy can help with a multitude of health goals that include detoxifying, immunity, recovery, and reducing stress. Additionally, administration usually takes about 30 to 50 minutes (therapy time may be longer due to specific treatment packages). ivee offers many therapy packages for at-home drip sessions. Whether you are feeling sick or just looking for a new experience, ivee is here to help with all your IV therapy needs while in the Miami area.

There are plenty of spots to check out that aren’t listed. All in all, these are some of our best wellness recommendations that are top-rated in the city.  Miami is a great place to have great wellness habits, and with unlimited options to try, you can try something new every month. 

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