Bath time is so much funnier with Think Baby Care

Prince Tai and I have tested Think Baby Bath and Body Care and we are loving it!

Photo Credits : Imara Kataainama

A complete collection just for your little one

The Shampoo and Body wash smells very good and is very gentle on his skin.

Photo Credits: Imara Kataainama

The Bubble Bath is a super cool idea! Baby Tai absolutely enjoys the bubbles! When he isn’t screaming of excitement, he is just relaxing while sucking on his thumb.

My favorite product from the collection is the Cradle Cap Cream. Made with oatmeal and neem leaf, it deeply soothes his skin and remove all the dry, dead skin from his skull. After the bath I apply it all over his little head and massage softly. Then I comb Tai’s hair to remove some of the leftover. The remaining debris goes away during the next shampoo without irritating him. It’s so efficient! And I also love how his hair gets so soft with this cream!

The Baby Care Collection also includes, a body lotion, a diaper rash ointment an eczema lotion.

Sustainable and committed to make a difference

I really like what the brand is about !

Thinkbaby’ s mission is to address the growing concern of harmful chemicals leaching from consumer products through the development of alternative products.

They work with leading institutions and scientists to develop products. Their products are safe to make, safe to use and do not harm the environment.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Photo Credits: Imara Kataainama

Thinkbaby produces products that have very long lifecycles and passed along to the next little one. They select materials that can be recycled, including our packaging, and have never used plastic packaging. They are commited to further addressing the impact of consumer products on the environment..


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