Sweet Slow mornings with Teany Weeny

Let’s talk about tea!

Honestly I am a coffee lover but sometimes I love waking up early and just to start slowly , brewing my tea while setting the right intentions for my day

With my little one waking up at any moment I am not always able to do that, but when I can, I like to enjoy a cup of fine tea.

Lately I have been drinking Teany Weeny Vanilla Dolce, it’s absolutely delicious and perfect for a sweet slow morning!

This Black Tea is excellent with a little bit of honey that enhances the smooth vanilla flavor.

Teany Weeny Vanilla Dolce

I really love it! The vanilla adds warmth, sweetness and spice to the black tea and it’s perfect to start my day with softness.

The aroma reminds me of my a homemade vanilla pound cake without the all the extra sugary sweetness.

Brew it 3 to 4 minutes, and enjoy it as is or with a dash of honey.

I highly recommend you guys to
try Teany Weeny ! This small business is Florida Based and definitely worth supporting !

Purchase it on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TeanyWeeny

Check it out on Instagram : https://instagram.com/teanyweenytea/


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