Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Her: Meraki Youth Miraculous Mulberry Silk Kit!

I tend to receive a lot of compliments about how young I look, and how soft my natural curls are…

Do you want to know my secret? It’s very simple: IT’S SILK Baby!

Thanks to my bestie and talented entrepreneur @KhKiddo who is also the founder of Meraki Youth, every night I use my eye mask and pillowcases to protect my hair, skin to keep looking fresh and young .

You know what? I did not even know Silk had so many benefits, until I tried it and my mind is blown!

I’m so glad I got to experience it 🙂 Now of course I have to put you guys on, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner 😉

The benefits of the Mulberry Silk used by Meraki Youth

Sleep like a baby

More than just being luxurious, silk pillowcases will provide a fantastic sleeping atmosphere.

They will help you sleep smoothly and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Photo Credits : Meraki Youth

Bye Allergies!

One of the unique benefits of Mulberry silk – which is the high quality Silk used by Meraki Youth – is that it is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic. As a matter of fact, according to my researches, Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called sericin that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. If you know me you know, it’s definitely a big plus for me!!

Glow Darling Glow!

The gliding characteristic of silk is also great at helping to keep your skin looking youthful. Since cotton doesn’t allow our skin to glide, it pulls on our skin causing sleep creases and can lead to long term wrinkles. Crazy right?!

Silk provides a smooth, slippery barrier for your face preventing sleep creases and wrinkles.

Photo Credits : Meraki Youth

Temperature-regulating properties

Silk is truly an all-climate fabric. It keeps you comfortably cool in the summer and cozy and warm in the winter.

It is a very breathable fabric which is even recommended by women health experts to alleviate hot flashes.

A Natural Haircare

I know that a lot of girls like to use silk scarves or bonnets to protect their hair at night… I personally never manage to keep anything wrapped around my head all night so I have chosen a more comfortable way to receive silk’s hair benefits: using a Meraki Youth Silk pillowcase.

Stylists and beauty experts around the world agree that using silk pillowcases helps keep hair soft, moisturized and free of tangles. Not only does a cotton pillowcase would dry your hair, and creates tangles.

With a Meraki Youth pillow case, your hair will easily slide over the soft material, resulting in smoother, healthier hair.

Photo Credits : Meraki Youth

GIRLS: You have to see the benefits of Meraki Youth Mulberry Silk by yourself! If you haven’t tried it yet, put it on your V-Day Wishlist to make sure your Valentine will get you Meraki Youth silk kit!

GUYS: Your Valentine is absolutely going to LOVE THIS so be smart and just get it!

Get 10% off with the coupon code WELCOME10 on Meraki Youth official website.

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