Peet Bros , natural and planet friendly soaps with absolutely NO PALM OIL !

Do you know what is in your bath products?

Almost every product out there has significant amounts of palm oil, which is terrible for the environment.

How can natural bath products claim to be planet-friendly on the outside of their package, when they use palm oil and its derivatives on the inside?

The simple reason is that palm oil is a natural, effective, highly useful, and safe ingredient.
Unfortunately, as one of the largest contributors to global deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity loss, the palm oil industry also has a devastating impact on the environment. And that’s definitely not planet friendly to me!

So many products are missing significant amount of the same moisturizing ingredients that are broadly touted on labels, like Shea Butter or Olive Oil, I like Peetbros which is all about that!

That’s why you should check it out!

Click here to access their Official Website:


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