#CoupleswhoHustle : How to Collaborate with your partner Without Driving Each Other Crazy

Is working together good for a relationship? Difficult to get an universal answer right!

Picture credits : @Panameraphotos

The most important to determine your answer is to ask yourself the right questions before starting…

Are you guys usually supporting each other? Who has who’s back?

What are the skills that each of you could use to bring more money?

Working together can easily create tensions that are hard to escape, so here are 6 tips that I think can help you and your Partner successfully mix love with work:

1. Aim for balance.

It can be difficult to separate work from your personal life during the best of times. Working with a significant other can be a true test of your work-life boundaries. That’s why many relationship experts recommend having clear expectations when it comes to the hours you work and the space you work in.

Sometimes this balance requires careful time management. Setting aside time for breaks and respecting each other’s need for occasional time away from work can help you both recharge.

2. Be patient.

The need to be understanding and patient might seem obvious. After all, relationship expert John Gottman’s studies found that 69 percent of relationship problems are never solved due to fundamental personality differences. So accepting that you’re not going to change the other person can lead to more harmonious work environments.

3. Stay professional.

When you’re on the job, be careful about saying things to your romantic partner that you wouldn’t say to another coworker. (That includes anything positive or negative.) Don’t be overly romantic in a work environment, but don’t lose your temper. Your partner deserves the same respect as anyone else you work with.

Picture credits : @Panameraphotos

4. Don’t take work arguments home—or vice versa.

For example, maybe your partner didn’t complete his or her budgeting spreadsheet. That’s completely unrelated to the dishes not being washed at home the night before, so limit any workplace discussions to what’s happening at work.

Always maintain a clear distinction so that the things that bother you at home stay at home.)

5. Plan for alone time.

Picture credits : @Panameraphotos

When you work with your significant other, especially in a job that involves living at your workplace, you may be together all the time. Its important to not fall in a « always stuck together » routine.

In a relationship both people need different things —apart from work—that brings them fulfillment besides the other person. It’s all part of a well-rounded life. Besides, having some separate interests gives you something to talk about aside from your job.

6. Remember that the relationship comes first.

When you’re both feeling overwhelmed, it may be tough to remember why you wanted to work together in the first place. But making sure to do things in order to remember the value of the relationship. Whether that means arranging weekly date nights or having nightly dinners where “work talk” is forbidden, the main point is to acknowledge that you’re important to each other no matter what happens at work.

Picture credits : @Panameraphotos


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