NEGESTI: When fashion meets culture and versatility.

NEGESTI is an Ethiopian clothing brand based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, focused on structural design fused with simplicity, and addicted to contemporary interpretations of all things AFRIKA.

I discovered it at the “African by Art” show during NYFW 2019. When Negesti’ s models appeared on the catwalk , all I could see was Boldness, Originality, Subtlety, Royalty, and Genius! After the show I approached the Aron Senay Zeneb, Founder and Creative Director of NEGESTI and told him I absolutely wanted to collaborate with him by creating dope content with some of his pieces.

Aron is all about design. His work is a powerful creative tribute to the Ethiopian history and culture. His fashion is not just material; it’s a Lifestyle that carries the following message :

You should never take yourself seriously but take your work seriously“.

I wanted to add my personal touch and express my vision of the Negesti Queen.  A fierce woman with the allure of a Lioness.

Statement #1 : ” I am who I said I am no matter what I wear.”

What I love the most about the brand is all the fun I have combining NEGESTI pieces with western contemporary elements. Here the Black Little Dress and Clear Heeled Sandals blend perfectly and give us that irresistible Urban Queen look.


Statement #2 : “In every Women lives a Queen.”

Standing proud with Stef_a_ny  like 2 Queens in Harlem.

The maxi dress instantly made me feel like royalty. It comes with a belt that marks the waist and believe it or not, nothing else was needed with this piece…. SERIOUSLY!

Statement #3 :If you stick to only one thing without exploring further, fashion will no longer make sense.” by Aron Senay Zeneb.

Clothing stays the same but fashion must evolve. Bold Jewelry, Sexy dresses, Curl Crowns and Clear Heels… A new fashion gang has landed in Harlem!
How you dress usually tells a story about yourself. Every time I wear NEGESTI I feel like my  story is about my Royal Conquest of the world… lol (shhh don’t tell anybody! ahaha)

It’s crazy how far fashion would take you right? 

Pictures by @Artby_Xavi . Shot in Harlem, New York NY.




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