Starting 2020 Strong with the “Back Talk” photo series…

@ArtbyXavi is a young creative and brilliant soul, born in Dominican Republic and raised in New York. As a photographer he stands for the power of words and chose my Sister @Ste_fa_ny to open this powerful Photo Series.

When Xavi presented his Artistic Project, I immediately accepted because I liked the concept and saw his passion.

The « Talk Back » photo series is a text based work of Art that aims at talking back to the negativity in our society in a simple but bold way. It’s a sequence of statements written on different individuals skin with white body paint. The statements are addressing stereotypes and attacking racial and gender issues…

My sister Stefany and I had the honor to contribute in this beautiful project as models.

Xavi ‘s goal was to stay authentic so he asked us to chose statements that would be real to us, our personal experience or someone else’s that would be close enough to us ..

That part was really important to me!

You know your girl is careful with the messages she carries and spread out to the world ! If it doesn’t speak for me. It won’t speak at all !!!

Language is a powerful tool and Xavi understands it perfectly as he thoughtfully utilize text to make a statement and draw out emotion.

Most of us are so used to reading that we forget each letter is a shape and each word its own composition.

There’s a significant beauty to the writing we read daily everywhere so it only makes sense that a visual artist chose to use text as the central communication that vehicle his artistic expression on our bodies turned at this point into living canvas..

I hope you guys will like it. ❤️