Salt Miami Wellness : My favorite Wellness Sanctuary in North Miami!

Did you ever know how good salt can be for you? I personally had no idea, until I discovered Salt Wellness Miami!


Due to my sinuses issues, I have been going to Salt Miami Wellness very frequently the past two months and I really want to talk to you about this genius place guys!


Artificial Salt Caves in Miami

Located in North Miami, this innovative wellness center offers an amazing experience.


Salt Miami Wellness has 3 Himalaya Salt Rooms:

The Kids Room

The Large Room

The VIP Room

Each of these room have its walls covered of Authentic Dead Sea Salt, and the floor filled wit Authentic Himalaya Salt, and offers salt treatment to help you breathe, but also get relief from asthma, allergies, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, dermatitis, ear infections, eczema, psoriasis, sleep apnea & stress.


Salt is good for you !


Of course I am not talking about spreading it all over your french fries or pretzels !! Lol

Since I have been going often, I have definitely seen improvement with my breathing and even with my skin.

When congested for instance, you will start blowing your nose a lot, as the salt diffused in the room will help you cleanse your body from all the mucus.

The rooms are AC ventilated with natural air from outside which keeps them clean and prevents any contaminations from other people. You also have to respect some hygiene rules such as covering your hair when in the salt rooms.


They also have an infrared sauna ( where you could watch Netflix or listen to your favorite music in peace) and flotation deprivation tank!

How cool is that?!

Book your Salt Therapy Session

This family owned business is definitely more than a spa business, it is a true wellness and relaxation sanctuary to me!

I truly want to spread the word about this place as I think everybody should try the salt treatment. It is natural, has numerous and various benefits and is not harmful at all!

Ana and her Husband (the owners) give their best EVERYDAY to ensure an amazing experience , wether you want to do Salt Therapy, Sauna, or Flotation Deprivation !

If you are interested in trying the Salt Therapy at Salt Miami Wellness, CALL THEM NOW : 305.454.9081 .

Of course your favorite Naturalista got you covered with a promo code!

Use IMARASALT50 for 50% off your first session.

One thought on “Salt Miami Wellness : My favorite Wellness Sanctuary in North Miami!

  1. robersilva says:

    Very cool thing. I cured my bronchitis by visiting salt rooms. I recommend to try all who have problems with the respiratory tract as well as allergies. It really helps.


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