Flourish Media Conference 2019 : the ultimate Boss Babe experience in Miami


If you know me you know I am a Boss Babe!

This past week end I have attended the women oriented and men friendly Flourish Media Conference, and I am so excited to tell you all about it!

If you have not heard yet of Flourish Media, well you have been missing out!

The Miami based business funding and mediator produces great tools, workshops and networking events to help women grow their business.

This year, the FMC took place at the wonderful Oasis the Magic City Studios.

I was very excited to be in presence of such an incredible lineup of speakers, influencers and sponsors!


Memorable speakers

As a sucker for motivational speech, I can tell you I was not disappointed.

Yes, I get the chills when I see a woman stand with confidence in front of an assembly!

All the speakers of this panel were all very interesting and so inspiring.

After each testimony, I felt eager to start using some of their tips in my plans to conquer the world!

Check out below the women who definitely touched my Boss Babe Spirit!


Candy Calderon , Wellness Coach and Speaker opened the show in rythm with her amazing and captivating energy, to share her story and tips on how to prevent illness and maintaining an healthy lifestyle.


Morgan A Owens, Creative Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker, told us about her path to success, and how insecurities can kill your dreams.

Tonya Comer , entrepreneur, interior designer and author enlightened me with her practice of the power of visioning!

Dani Spikes, Love coach, Entrepreneur and Speaker shared her amazing experience as entrepreneur, made me feel more normal about my lack of time management skills, and gave me clarity how to set up prices on products /services .

and Last but not the Least:


Aisha Thalia, entrepreneur and Miami Top Influencer, was my most powerful encounter and the most inspiring and touching story I have personally heard during these two days.

Aisha bravely opened up about how she survived Narcissistic Abuse and turned her pain into power and wisdom.

I have myself dealt with the same type of abuse in the past and I was really in admiration in front of her strength, passion and courage.

I was so inspired as I was listening to Aisha, that I had like an epiphany on how I have myself dealt with my own trauma… and what I should do in order to keep flourishing no matter what!

I also had the chance to have a little girls talk with the Stunning Boss Babe… definitely empowering!

Such a powerful moment! Woooouuh!!!

Life Changing Pannels

Flourish Media really did a great job selecting all these beautiful, smart and rising female entrepreneurs. All the panels I have attended were very instructive and stimulating.

Check out below my selection of the panels that I found personally the most useful to my Marketing business:

Confidence Panel :

Angel Suttle, Makisha Noel, Virginia Jimenez and Kristen Pope.

These 4 Queens are successful because they know how believing in yourself and having a committed spiritual practice is crucial in order to remain strong and balanced in business.


Leadership Panel :

Adria Hook, Cindy Montgenie, Xiomara Overman, and Dr Shanequa Fleming explained how they have managed and grown their team all the way to their successful achievements.


 Let’s talk PR Panel

Reagan Farley, Lauren Woulard and Milan Mobley helped me get a clear understanding of what that to expect from a publicist and how to differentiate her or his role from the marketing and advertising manager duties.

Dope Merchands on site

Among the vendors, I had a crush on these 2 brands that really caught my attention:

Buena Vista Candles : As a candles collector, I could not help but smelling all their fragrances.

The entrepreneur Jeanine Escobar, created these handmade were created to help set , ignite and amplify your intentions. So LIT!!! Right?!

Sayblee Products : Another Black owned business who is making me proud!

Sayblee Darsale , founder and scalp specialist has formulated this fantastic hair care line to repair damaged hair, promote growth and maintain healthy hair.

It is made with all natural and organic products and definitely smells amazing! I am really looking forward to try this brand.

Flourish Media Conference: sooo validated!

FMC 2019 attendees were definitely spoiled with such a rich and beautiful event ! Big big and very very special thanks to these 3 amazing Ladies!

It was my very first Women Entrepreneur Conference and I am so glad and proud to have been part of it as Tribe Influencer.

I have discover new and innovative brands learned a lot, smiled and laughed a lot , and also connected with amazing women.

Definitely looking forward to the 2020 edition!


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