Which Crystals can help healing Sinus Problems?

Ouch! Sinus problems are no joke!

The past months I have been suffering with recurring and very painful sinus problems. The pressure and the irritation coming from the sinuses can really ruin your days, weaken you and discourage you from getting things done.

As a Naturalista I don’t really trust and want to use chemical medication, however I have, and my sneezing attacks would not stop, neither my discomfort.

I have also tried a lot of natural remedies such as, ginger/cayenne pepper tea, steam inhalation, essential oils inhalation, horseradish and lemon ingestion,  which have been procuring me temporary relief.

In order to find a long term relief, I have decided to try to use the power of crystals.

I ordered this set of genuine gemstones from THE BODHI LOTUS in order to help me healing my fragile sinuses…

The Crystals set

The set is composed of crystals that are related to the Third Eye Chakra:

* Green Aventurine

* Blue Lace Agate

* Sodalite

* Fluorite 

Each stone was cleansed with South Beach Ocean water, smudged and charged with sage.

The set came packaged in its own pouch to carry the stones, with an information card that provides descriptions of the stones’ meanings or purpose and a cleansing and charging instructions which is amazing!

Here are the instructions :

“Use one stone at a time or by three’s or make your own combination. Store them by your bed, under a pillow, if you wish tuck them in your purse or your pocket. They are perfect for your spiritual or healing practice, gift giving, Feng Shui, helping you on your spiritual journey and a great addition to any crystal enthusiast’s collection. Each crystal is charged with positive, loving Reiki energy.”

How I chose to use them

I have placed Sodalite to my existing crystals collection, next to my living room couches. The Green Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate and the Fluorite on my nightstand close to my head when I sleep.

These two area are where I spend most of my relaxation time, so it makes sens to me to place them there.

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