Dare to be self-confident in 2019

This is 2019 and while everyone is trying to keep up with their new resolutions I just want to adress this message to all the beautiful, talented, ambitious Queens of my entourage!

Ladies, in 2019 we must dare to be self-confident!

Our insecurities are our worst enemy.

In order to be successful in whatever we start, we must :

• Dare to visualize ourself as the best version of ourself.

• Dare to stop contenting yourself with the bare minimum that you could do.

• Dare to find the necessary knowledge that will allow you to see that your Dream is possible.

• Dare to be inspired by others

• Dare to ask questions to other successful people.

• Dare to accept that you are not where you want to be in life.

• Dare to challenge yourself on a daily.

• Dare to leave your comfort zone.

You work a 9-5 job and want to become a chef . Dare to go for it!

Your king does not make you feel like you like a Queen? Dare to let him go and build your own kingdom.

You want to lose weight and be healthy?

Dare to exercise and say no to process and fast food. Dare to replace all your drinks by water! At least for a whole month !

Just dare because if you don’t someone else will and that dream of yourself will become someone else’s !

Trust your potential . It all start there!

Imara Kataainama


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