I tested ENJOY MY DIET with Laurence Marmet French Nutritionist in Miami!

How to learn to maintain an healthy and balanced diet all year long?

In this Holiday Season, most of us will eat a lot in a very careless way just because IT IS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!

I personally enjoy having Mac n Cheese and other fatening treats , but my body would soon or later, let me know that it is not so OK to do so… “Hello Bloating Belly! “Yes I used to suffer from persisting bloating, that would last days and days!

Why though? Is it because Mac n Cheese are just bad? Well not necessarily!

Because from what I have learned with my nutritionist Laurence Marmet, the founder of ENJOY MY DIET in Miami, maintaining an healthy diet is not about WHAT you eat, it is about WHEN you eat it and HOW MUCH you eat!

Mind Blowing right?!! Well it is called CHRONO NUTRITION & MORPHO NUTRITION.

Now let me share with you the story of my life changing experience with ENJOY MY DIET.

Click here to view my first appointment with Laurence Marmet, French Nutritionits in Miami and the founder of ENJOY MY DIET.

After my first appointment at ENJOY MY DIET:

Laurence sent me an amazing custom meal plan composed of various and “NORMAL” food options such as cheese, bread, butter , rice, yogourt, fruits vegetables pastas and even fruit sorbet!!!

The meal plan was based on my weight, height, health condition, lifestyle and eating habits, so yes it was very easy to apply! I only had to keep 2 things in mind:

  • Respect the portions recommanded by Laurence
  • Eat all my meals ( 4 times a day)

Some of my Chrono Nutrition meals:



Snack Time


The goals and The results :

I am sure a lot of you guys have probably been thinking “Why in the hell Imara would want to lose weight that hard?” Lol!

Again, all I wanted was to find balance and not lose weight but keep an healthy weight according to my size and height, and also feel better inside all the time, even after having some delicious Mac N Cheese!

After 2 weeks being coached with Laurence, and respecting the portion and frequency of my meals, I lost :

chest : – 0.6 inches | 1.5 cm 

belly : – 3.15 inches | 8 cm 

each leags : – 0.80 inches| 2 cm 

arms : – 0.4 inches | 1 cm

I did not lose weight, my body definitly got skinnier with no efforts, and I also did not follow my meal plans on Thanksgiving and few other nights….

However, after adjusting to my new eating habits, I started to feel way better inside and then outside my body!

My main issue was solved: NO MORE BLOATING! and I lost 3.15 inches in the belly, which brought me so much more comfort and boosted my self confidence.


I tested ENJOY MY DIET with Laurence Marmet French Nutritionist in Miami! AND IT IS VALIDATED! SO VALIDATED that my beautiful influencers friends, KhKiddo and Milla Jasmine just signed up for a full month of coaching!

Follow them on Instagram to see how their Enjoy My Diet journey is going!




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