Product Review : Bali Secret hair vitamins serum.


Let’s talk curls today!

My frizzy puff and I have decided to give a try to Bali Secret hair vitamins serum. These little red balls look like vitamins to ingest but they actually contain a serum enriched with coconut oil, avocado oil and macadamia oil to apply directly on the hair. Yes that’s right, POP AND APPLY.

it’s important to keep your hair well conditioned and moisturized.

Bali Secret hair vitamins serum strengthens and moisturises the hair and leave them soft, healthy, and beautiful.

A leave-in conditioner is a worthy addition to your hair care regime. It performs by locking moisture in your hair strands, as a result, your hair becomes strong and flexible. A good leave-in conditioner also helps you manage your hair, detangle them smoothly, tame flyaways, and protect it from the elements.
Coconut oil : My hair has tendency to get greasy due to humidity and pollution. I use it sparingly so that my hair remains soft and healthy. It is ideal for oiling everyday.

You can use coconut oil straight after shampoo – when the hair is still damp (but not dripping wet). It can also be used on dry hair or after styling if the hair feels rough. Though, moisturisation is best achieved when the hair is still damp.

2. Take a small amount of coconut oil in the palm of your hand and rub together. Start with little, about a pea size as excess oil can make your hair look greasy. You can always add more to adjust the needs of your hair.

3. With the coconut oil in your hands rub it onto the ends of your hair and work your way up. Concentrate on applying at the ends, using less in the middle and very little or nothing at the roots. You might want to experiment a bit until you find the right proportion for your hair type. (You don’t need to apply it to your scalp unless you have dandruff or an itchy scalp).

4. Finally, let your hair air dry.

5. Men can use this as a natural styling gel.


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