Desert Sage Wonderful World of Tea : Validated!

Originally, Desert Sage is one of my favorite scented candles brand, and when I found out that they were launching a tea collection, I became really excited to try it!

I opted for the “First Light Kenya Maluka” an ancient black tea infused with modern notes of peach and apricot.

When I first opened the package, the delicious scent of black tea met my nose. It is a strong blend that has a nice fruity accent.

I followed the instructions and brought fresh water just to boil. I used one bag of tea in a cup and let it steep, covered, for 5 min.

The smell of the brewed tea is strong and slightly sweet. It is dark and full bodied and I found, to my delight that it has a slight natural sweetness to it.

It doesn’t need sugar, but if you want a little something sweet, instead of eating a snack, a cup of this tea with a teaspoon of sugar can be great low calorie treat!

I can not rave enough about this tea, and I am definitely looking forward to try the “Mindfulness Rwanda Black“.

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