This ART BASEL 2017, I have done something different than just attending parties and exhibitions. I have let my event planner and brand Ambassador skills take over, and agreed to co-organise the N.Y.A.K.È ART BASEL EXHIBITION with my friend and collaborator Gaelle Prince, founder of the original N.Y.A.K.È concept, along with OfCourseMiami International Realty (main sponsor) and MPP Creative, a very dynamic local marketing start up.


TheN.Y.A.K.È ART BASEL EXHIBITION took place at Meraki Greek Bistro in Downtown Miami, from December 7th until tonight.

The artists selectioned and featured were Fred Ebami, Myriam Maxo, Alif King, Alexis Peskine, and Massira Keita.

Here is the video RECAP

Focus on the artwork

«DD» – Myriam Maxo

Famous for her colorful, playful and ethnic design creations, the Artist and Interior Designer is best know for her “DD” in wax fabric acclaimed by international Pop Artist Beyoncé. Her mindset is the key that has already attracted a large audience of anonymous alongside public figures: Sweat Bizz & Alicia Keys, Jidenna, Janelle Monae but also Les Nubians, Nneka, and thousands of fans congratulate her for her unconventional universe.

« HUMILITY » (left) | « UNITY IS POWER » (right)  – Massira Keita

Massira Kéïta is a young African French Artist who made the Wax fabric (or Ankara fabric) her favorite means of expression. Her inspiration then comes mainly from both contemporary lifestyle and African-inspired Fashion, which she translated into amazing inspiring drawings, using different materials such as painting, photoshop, pencil and especially, wax . The particularity of her art is that Keïta exclusively draws characters without face features, not only in compliance with her religious beliefs but to enable everyone to identify to her characters.

« BATAAXAL » – Alif King

Alif King has always been drawing, but it’s only been three years since the young man decided to start as an artist. His talent : drawing with BIC® Biro pencil. … an activity that we all indulged on school benches during a moment of boredom or punishing hours, but that not changed everyone into an Artist! Completely in love with Africa, Alif King is deeply inspired by his Senegalese origins and his life in Ethiopia and France that led him to develop masterpieces with the ambition to create a bridge between cultures and civilizations.


Co-producer of the poetry collection DNA, African Diaspora and Negritude, Graphic Designer and self-taught Artist Pop from Cameroon, Fred Ebami offers his original and disconnected vision of the world from the society without taboos. Influenced by masters such as Andy Warhol, Roy Liechstentein, Basquiat, Toscani (Benetton’s photographer) or Shephard Fairey, Ebami expands his vision by using paintings, collages, stencils or glasses and loves to push the boundaries of Pop Art (he defines as “the first urban modern art”) to bring it to another level. His drawings are mixing punchy colors with so political messages, popular figures (usually African) American comics and urban codes.

« BANA BANALISÉ » – Alexis Peskine

Born in Paris in 1979, Alexis Peskine is a French-Russian-Brazilian recognized Plastic Artist and multi-media Creative. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Howard University (Washington, DC) and a Master of Arts in Digital Arts and a Master of Fine Art M.I.C.A. He won numerous awards including the prestigious Fulbright scholarship. His works have been exhibited in the United States, Europe and Africa. He participated in several international exhibitions including the famous 3rd World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar, Pulse New York, Miami Art Basel, AKAA fair and the Biennale of Casablanca. Peskine’s work pressing topics related to the “Black experience” has been featured in numerous publications ranging from Art and political books or the flagship daily newspaper such as The New York Times, The Miami Herald, O Correio da Bahia or Liberation.


To finish in beauty and grace,  a private close-out party will be hosted on December 14th, still at the Meraki Greek Bistro, and during which an outstanding Afro-Caribbean fashion show will be held, celebrating diversity in movement, music, beauty and flavors.

More about the «N.Y.A.K.È. Concept »

N.Y.A.K.È., whose name stands for “New, Young, Artistic, Kultural & Eclectic”, is the result of a fascinating quest carried out during two years of incredible adventures, alongside a group of French African-Caribbean Artists and Designers, eager to recreate a unique artistic world, reflecting their respective vision with multicultural influences

The collective then gathers mainly Paris-based Artists and but also other talented people discovered in London, Copenhagen, Dakar, the Caribbean and so on, a veritable melting pot in terms of origins, social classes and ages, conferring to the N.Y.A.K.È. its figurehead position on the Parisian scene in Art and Afro-ethnic Design.

Finally, N.Y.A.K.È. is a tribute to an eponymous person who inspired this project, Martine NYAKÈ-PRINCE, the mother of the Founder Gaëlle Prince, who suddenly died 3 years ago of a rare disease.

The personality of this exceptional self-taught woman, pugnacious and great dreamer all at once, of her ideals and deep convictions about tolerance and unity of the worlds, have deeply influenced her daughter, Gaëlle PRINCE. These values, according to both of them, essential foundations of the construction of a better world for the next generations, have greatly contributed and motivated the creation of this original concept, a real crossroads gathering people coming from the four corners of the globe, respectful of their different origins and willing to empower each other while mixing their gifts and skills.



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