Boss lady tips: The perfect “Miami Corporate Dress”

When I mention Miami to my family and friends from others cities and countries, they just see the night life, sexy, luxurious and glamorous lifestyle that this town can offer. Most of them even forget that I actually do have a carreer job here! 🙂

I decided to write this post to show another aspect of my life here while giving some dressing tips!

It is not that easy to get dressed to go to an office here. Think about it! The Magic City is a place were the most people plan, dream, and come to spend only good time. The energy here is nothing like stressful and busy like Paris (where I spent 5 years of my life) or New York for exemple.

I work as Marketing Manager in a Real Estate company, located in South Beach’s Lincoln Road mall, where people from everywhere and every status come and go to spend their money. Business opportunities are endless… so my swag must be on point in order to attract success in my professional life!


Here is an example of what the perfect Miami corporate girl should look like!

  • Colorful
  • Short 
  • Classy

Of Course, “colorful” and “short must be used with caution! It is all about balance baby!

Colors are pleasant to see in a work environment, but it shall be colors that don’t make you look too “relaxed” or “casual”, as you have to maintain the productive energy around you.


Then, everybody knows that “too short” is always a “no go” for the corporate environment. However, it is not necessary to always wear long leaves and pants in a city where the average temperature is 78 all year long!

Cotton sleveless tops or dresses, can help with the trendy professional look. You just need to add heels ad you look like a boss lady on the rise! lol


Dress: EXPRESS – Vintage hand bag: ALDO – Shoes: SIMMI SHOES




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