“Make Up & Boss Lady talk” with COR’RAE™ COSMETICS’s DR KIM

Ho Ho Ho! It is Holiday Season! Let’s talk Lippies and boss lady!

Get glamorous with COR’RAE™ COSMETICS


Today I would like to introduce you to COR’RAE™ COSMETICS, a make up line that offers to women a variety of Cruelty Free products including luxuriant lippies that give me life in my make up routine!

Make up lovers all love Mac, Chanel and Dior cosmetics! But I think that nowadays, it is not a MUST to spend $30 t0 $50 on lipstick to make sure it will last without drying your  juicy lips!

Matte or liquid, their affordable lippies could be a great gift idea for your bestie or your favorite make up addict friends.

Here is my favorite ones:

  1. The “Dear Debbie” lipstick. Matte but shiny, long lasting and vibrant.
  2. The “Natalie Knows” lipstick. Matte as well but a little bit more creamy. Once I added the “Ebony Bliss” lip gloss, the result is just the perfect nude on my lips!

Get inspired with “DR KIM”



Now, ladies, please let me introduce you to the woman behind the brand!

Dr. Kimberly Pettaway Willis(B.S., M.S., PhD, )  is the CEO and Founder of Cor’Rae Management Agency LLC, which specializes in entertainment and client management and the CEO/Founder of Kolorz of Cancer , specializing in providing information regarding various types of cancers and the different ribbon colors associated with these cancers.

When she is not giving back to her community,  she likes to model, travel, read, writing, work out, and spend time with her twins, husband, family and friends… Her passion and drive are definitely two main assets which helped her achieved a lot of important goals, which is the reason why I focus on her today!

Meet Dr. Kimberly Pettaway Willis a.k.a. “DR KIM”, the CEO and owner of COR’RAE™ COSMETICS.


The Magic City Living: Who is Dr Kim?

Dr KimberlyDr Kim is a Woman of God, Mother of twins, Wife, Daughter, Professor (I have my Ph.D.), Entrepreneur, Godmother, and more.

Define your vision of beauty in 3 adjectives.

I have two adjectives, ARTISTIC and EMPOWERING.

How Did your Cor’rae Cosmetics adventure started?

The name originated from the first three letters of our twins’ (son and daughter) names COR and RAE…Cor’Rae. I wanted to start a cosmetics line that would provide quality products for makeup enthusiasts. My daughter’s love for fashion and interest in makeup was a huge inspiration for starting Cor’Rae Cosmetics. I wanted to start a business that could include my daughter’s interests as well as mine.

You must love all your products, but do you have any favorite and why?

It’s difficult to have a favorite. I wear our Liquid Lippies daily because of the lasting shine and light weight feel. All of the colors are amazing, especially Royal Mackenzie…named after our daughter.

What do you think about Miami’s Fashion and Beauty scene? (currently, its potential, its influence on the world)

Miami’s Fashion and Beauty scene has a dominating influence in the fashion world. The potential for exceptional creativity and opportunities related to fashion and beauty continue to thrive in this amazing city.

Would you invest in Miami? if yes in what (art, beauty, fashion, real estate…?) and why? 

Yes I would definitely invest in Miami. Investing  beauty products  would be beneficial to me as an entrepreneur because I will be able to appeal to a plethora of clientele, learn their likes/dislikes, and provide quality products based on their wants and needs.

When you close your eyes and imagine an empowered woman, what do you see?

I see the hard work, never give up attitude, faith and determination of my mother and grandmothers.

What inspires you?

My children inspire me.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself as a thriving entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Your favorite Quote?

As my father constantly tells me during the hard times and moments of disappointment, FOCUS!! That’s the only word he says. “FOCUS“.

Want to order from COR’RAE™ COSMETICS? To visit the official website click below.


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