ART BASEL 2016: Feeling like a Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes

Art Basel 2016 – Coup de coeur for “A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes.”


Adress: Art Seen Cultural Center | 2215 NW Second Ave., Miami | Open December 1 through 5 from noon to 6 p.m.

If you know me, you know that I personally consider that every women are Magical, as they are able to give life. I also believe that in every women there is a Queen, and I decided to focus on gallery giving a tribute to the Royal Archetype.

I woke up yesterday, and few seconds after I could hear myself thinking: “In the game of chess, just like in the real life, the Queen is considered the most powerful and often the most unpredictable piece.” My day was made with this only!

I dressed myself like a Queen thanks to NYAKÈ, who sent me this Royal handmade jumpsuit,  and headed to Wynwood.



It is definitly Art Basel if you see tulle skirts and over-the-top accessories, in a warm and colorful  warehouse!

A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes” explores the archetypes of femininity, featuring rare pieces by Alexander McQueen, as well as items from designers including the brands Comme des Garçons, Vetements, Vivienne Westwood, and other designers known as fashion rebels.




Curated by Musea, an international collective known for boundary-pushing fashion exhibitions,this exhibit presents the various shades of feminism inherent in women’s fashion design.


This free exhibition is a beautiful and orifinal tribute to the multifaceted nature of women and the designers who dress them, which is why it is my favorite one, with no hesitation!

I was so inspired when I left the gallery, that I could not help to take a picture when I saw this golden Jack Daniels throne (lol).




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