Fatale vs Angel: a necklace can say lot for you!

Yesterday I was giving a tribute to the Sun, featuring this amazing SUNSHINE feather & leather necklace from NYAKÈ.

Today, let me introduce you to “Cabaret”and “Andria” from the same original necklace collection. Both accessories tell a different story, but are for sure very sensual with the feathers, and sexy with the leather!


FATALE with “Cabaret”


“Cabaret”, is the black an red piece that will add spice and fire to any basic outfit!

Feeling invincible? What to show to the crowd what time it is at your clock?

The red colour also symbol of danger is what would make the devil say “Crap she is here”.

DANGEL with “Andria”


Andria”, is the black and white piece,that brings sophistication and originality to your look.


Feeling vulnerable? Need strong arms to make you feel safe and secure?

The feather and colours of this necklace will give you the best angel ever…

Check out more amazing pieces from NYAKÈ CONCEPT here.



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