Interview: Meet Dj Don Hot, the “Mister Everywhere” of Miami Beach’s NighLife!

Hip Hop is nothing like a lazy industry and DJ Don Hot is perfectly aware of it, as he is always on the grind! If you don’t believe me just watch his snap chat stories (djdonhot)! You will not only see that it is true, you will also crack up with his realness and crazy sense of humor.

Very concerned by his fans opinions and feed back, he is one of South Beach’s emblematic personalites in the Nighlife.

Always one step ahead of the game, Dj Don Hot loves to take risks and let his instinct guide him while mixing. Very aware of Miami’s diversity, he always sets fire in the most famous Hip Hop clubs playing the latest hits, but also know how to please an international crowd with international tunes.

To see him in action you have many options! Club Mokai, Wall (W Hotel ), FDR (Hotel Delano), Icon, Set, and even club Blume in Brickell.

Now please, Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dj Don Hot, the “Mister Everywhere” of Miami Beach’s NighLife!

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Who is DJ Don Hot?

Hmmm, great question, well how can I put it….I’m a “Jamerican guy born and raised in South Florida, and who happens to really enjoy entertaining people through music.

Define your musical universe with 3 adjectives.

Diverse, animated, charismatic

Define Miami Beach Night life with your own words?

Disclaimer, this is an assumption from a patrons standpoint, it’s a place you go whether you are from in town or out of town, looking to party at some of the best clubs in the world, to see beautiful looking people, aaaaaaaand listen to majority hip-hop, lol, I feel like thats what most clubs play nowadays.

As a DJ, and a popular character of the Miami Beach Night life, have you already experienced something crazy with the public, or someone from the public?

No, not really, to be honest, many people think I’m mean or standoffish, but honestly I’m not. I just like to stick to myself, and the small circle of people I consider as friends.

What is your best party memory?

Hmmmm, there has been so many lol, but one that stands out, it is actually a Wu-Tang concert I played at when I was 17, and where I didn’t play too well! The crowd starting boo’ing and throwing ice on the stage and everything lol, but what that night taught me was that you can’t play the same style of hip hop for every hip hop crowd and DJing is more than just playing songs behind a dj set, you need to know how to address your audience, and be entertaing on the mic.

Is it true that South Beach Djs are women collectors?

Hahaha very funny! Im pretty sure some are…

Name some famous people, you had the pleasure work with, and say briefly why?

Much too many to name, but one person that stands out to me is my guy Luol Deng, we are both very chill, humble men, and we both have a strong love for football (soccer).

Would you leave Miami to go live your life in another city, where would it be?

Hell no! Never, I hate cold, and Miami has the least amount of it lol.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

You are gonna have to wait and see, no spoilers lol.

Your favorite Quote?

” Consistency is the key, In whatever you do, always do it at a high level, ALL THE TIME.”

Dj Don Hot | Mr. Everywhere (@djdonhot) acfamous miami dj, miami beach night best clubs

Check out DJ DON HOT’S updates and mixtapes on his official website:


Imara K.


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