Art – Interview | Meet Myriam Maxo, Queen of African Prints & Designs

Myriam Maxo is a French Caribbean artist-designer whose energy and inspiration come from her travels around the world through Africa, Asia, America and the West Indies. 

She is more than a basic interior designer. With an original style, she tells us a colorful story through fabrics, imposing her style with her own concept of harmony and design.


The wax (Dutch fabric inspired by African Prints omnipresent and commonly used for clothing in Africa, especially in West Africa) is the material her creative soul has chosen to express herself and give a tribute to her roots, combining originality and modernity.

I have chosen to feature Myriam and her amazing work in The Magic City Living, because she is an inspiring creative soul, fearless and fierce, always craving for more adventures. From the Caribbean, to Europe, and from Europe to the USA, she conquers more and more hearts, and she try her best to make people discover her talent.

Creator of the Doudou en Wax or DD ( African Prints Teddies ) she has already seduced by her talent celebrities such as Beyonce, Solange, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, Janelle Monae, Nneka, Ayo etc…

Meet Myriam Maxo, Master of African Prints & Designs…

You will find the iconic comforters in wax, but not only Myriam Maxo offers original pieces and custom therefore limited edition.

THE MAGIC CITY LIVING BLOGDefine your universe with 3 adjectives.

MYRIAM MAXO : Colorful, Grafic, Energetic.

MGCL BLOG: You were part of the artists exibitioning their talent at Miami Art Basel 2015, What is your best memory of it?

Well, I was glad to be there for my birthday! I went to Alicia Keys and Swiz Beat Concert, and I met Swizz Beatz, who I had a great conversation with, whithout even knowing that it was him!

MGCL BLOG: What did Art Basel bring to you?

MM: It was a very rich experience. I met a lot of other artists and learnt about their universes. I was really amazed by the whole energy there: Super busy and eclectic in the exhibitions but also relaxing and resourcing by the beach.

MGCL BLOG: Your talent has been recognized and validated overseas. The Americans love you, even Beyonce approved your work! How did you feel the first time you saw the picture of your DD posted by the Queen herself?

MM: I was thrilled! At the time I was starting to be focused on the United States and was obsessed with the American Dream. When this happened, it immediately represented a sign that I was on the right track with my business.

MGCL BLOG: Would you leave your life in the Carribean to move in the USA? If yes, what City would you choose? And Why?

MM: I love New York, but I would rather live in Miami. I think I would spend the Winters in Miami and the rest of the time in the Big Apple.

MGCL BLOG: What do you think about Miami’s Art Scene?

MM: It is unique, eclectic, ageless, tagless, vibrant!


MGCL BLOG: Would you invest in Miami? if yes in what (art, real estate…?)

MM: Definitely in Miami Real Estate, I would love to buy a nice house there.

MGCL BLOG: How do you see yourself in 5 years?

MM: In five years, I see myself as The Missy Eliott of the Design! lol Just like this Queen, I want to show that creativity and talent are limitless. I want to become the multitask designer who will be called for any type of crazy projects! I also wish to be well implanted in the hip hop industry, bringing in my touch in decor and clothing.

MGCL BLOG: Your favourite Quote?

MM: The grass is greener where you water it

Check out this short documentary about Myriam Maxo : “I don’t Camouflage” Directed Produced & Edited by: Aiko Tanaka (Music By: Optiks “Bonafide”) 

Browse Myriam Maxo online store now at:

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