5 things Queens should know about dating in MIAMI BEACH

5 things Queens should know about dating in MIAMI BEACHAs a Foreigner, the whole “dating in America” concept has been part of my experience of adaptation to a new life… and my new life in the United States started in Miami, one of the most attractive places for single people!

When you arrive in Miami, especially if you live in South Beach, everything tend to be surreal to you… You feel like you are daydreaming, and you are not taking anything seriously as it is a place where most people come and go, as they are only there to enjoy a nice “vacation time“…

With time, I have learnt that “dating in Miami Beach” is more about, finding someone who wants to look and sound like your boyfriend, but has never had the intention to be.  Yes, I heard it is a pathology called: “commitment phobia”… (LOL, of course I am rolling my eyes and laughing right now).

However, and as a matter of fact, who would like to be in a relationship in the Magic City, where most people are single or act like it?

So, for all the Queens who have decided to come to this city and survive, here are 5 things you need to know about the dating scene in Miami Beach.

1. Your new boo’s Instagram and Snapchat will be popping.


If your boo lives in Miami beach, there is a huge chance that you will see pictures of your date pausing with other beautiful girls posted within 48 hours of your date.

2.Your date will have prejudices about you

Imara K🇬🇫 (@imaralioness) • Photos et vidéos Instagram Google Chrome, Today at 8.12.52 AMShe is probably a gold digger“, when he sees that you have a very raffined taste, know how to entertain a pleasant conversation, can afford things by yourself, and look amazing in your sexy but classy look for your date with him… Broke or wealthy, it doesnt matter…

There is a 95% of chances that this thought will cross his mind.

Another common one is “She is probably only interested in me for her papers“… The better you look, the less they trust you…

3.Going to a night club, or a strip club on your date is not offensive!


Think about it… Why getting offended when a man show you his true colors right away? Don’t act like you are offended or disappointed, just enjoy the party! If you think he is not the one, don’t mess up your time, and at least have some fun.

Miami men will never stop looking at other women anyway, weither you are in their presence or not! Relax and enjoy the show you might take part of it yourself, as your date will propably give you a stack of singles to have fun with.

4. Nobody really cares, Miami men are only waiting for the next best thing…

So your crush might just going to leave you to go party with his friends… or simply disappear on you for a time, ignoring your texts and calls… Some of these Miami boys will even post something on social medias while you have been waiting and expecting him to get back to you!

What to do? Ignore them and do YOU!

There are plenty of fish in the Miami Ocean… and if its true for him, it is also true for you!

5. Miami men always come back to you…

Abracadabra! The day you expect the less, you receive a random text from this ex date that you haven’t spoken to in a while. TYPICAL!

Yes they are really good at reappearing one day in your life, like nothing happened! Of course, it is just to “check on you and see how you are doing”…. (lol)


Moral of the day: Dating in Miami is tough… But you are a Queen and you are tougher!

The best way to have your dating skills on point is just to care less and live your life! Work on yourself and you will be able to find that stability that will make you a real catch.

During the date… talk less, listen more, observe, always look pretty, don’t drink too much… Have fun!

Enjoy every magic second that this city can offer to you and you will be perfectly fine! I heard that The Charming Prince only comes to us when we don’t expect him !



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