GemsByGary : When Beauty meets Serenity (GIVE AWAY)

GemsByGary : When Beauty meets Serenity (GIVE AWAY)

2 weeks ago, I was invited to grab a cup of tea by my lovely Miami Blogger friend “The Budget Divaa“, for her 2nd blogiversary… I had fun and the pleasure to meet other local bloggers, but I also made an amazing discovery, a real treasure for my body: GemsbyGagry.

Imara K🇬🇫 (@imaralioness) • Photos et vidéos Instagram Google Chrome, Today at 1.22.45 PM

Now that I have finally tried it, I am very excited to share my opinion about it with my readers! AND…  cherry on the cake: 3 people will have the opportunity to try it as well ! (GIVE AWAY conditions at the bottom).
After a yatch party last week end, I felt like it was the best time to try GemsByGary products on my sensitive skin that had been exposed to sun and the salt of the sea all day.

As soon as I got home, I lit my lavender Scentsational Candles in order to create a Zen energy in my room, then I went to take a shower and used the Hones-Tea Mint Moisturizing Replenishing Salt Scrub.

Such a pleasure for my senses, the touch on my skin was as soft as the scrub smell was mesmerizing.

Once showered with the Lemon Scented Sunflower Cleansing Body Bar, I left the bathroom all fresh and relaxed to go to the step: Moisturize my skin my satinizing cream, made with shea and coconut butter.

The candle in my room was still lit and its smell had me putting my my pajama in a second! I was more than ready to close my eyes and start to dream in pink!

The day after, I really felt the difference on my skin that was as soft af silk.

GemsByGary products are definitly worth the trial!

Organic and home made, these little will makes you more from the inside out. It is a nice way to be introduce to aromatheraphy as the gems do stimulates your senses to make you feel better.

Find more GemsByGary products on Etsy and Instagram

GEMSbyGary (@gemsbygary) • Photos et vidéos Instagram Google Chrome, Today at 8.46.17 AM


Are you ready?!

I am thrilled to bring you an amazing giveaway for June! 3 lucky winner will receive an awesome selection of GemsByGary

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  4. Repost this blog post on your FB, or TWITTER profile take a screenshot of the repost.

The 3 first readers to Direct Message me the screenshot on Instagramwill will be the lucky ones.

Good Luck!


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