Be bang on Fashion with MY FOX HOUSE!

For the shopping and fashion lovers, MY FOX HOUSE is an amazing and easy online way to find very special pieces for women.
Hold on, let me Instagram this!” this is the spontaneous thought you have, once you are wearing their products! Inspired by nature, music, travel and the ocean, this online boutique is the expression of a true lifestyle.
fox_house on Instagram at 4.26.15 PM
The Fox House team always do their best to discover new indie designers, stay current on international labels, and score rad vintage products, traveling around the country, from Los Angeles to New York. Based in South Florida, they have access to some of the best vintage buying there is.
Owner, Tobi Salver, wanted to create an eclectic online boutique where any type of girl could find her dreaming outfit or accessories. With a large choice of clothing, vintage pieces, swimwear, accessories, shoes and even beauty products, MY FOX HOUSE provides you everything you need! Very devoted to her concept store, she agreed to tell us more her vision of fashion and her MY FOX HOUSE ambition.
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IMARA MEDIAS : Why have you chosen this name My Fox House?
TOBI SALVER: Fox was derived from the fact that foxes are not pack animals and are opportunistic feeders, which translates into what I want my clothes to represent — an individuality and uniqueness for the women who wear them. Typically considered shy creatures, foxes are mostly spotted only at night. Although they are stealthy and elusive creatures, they stand out because of their beautiful coats and markings. They are also one of a few species of mammal predators.
IMARA MEDIAS: Who can can wear your pieces?
TOBI SALVERANY gal can be a Fox House gal! The pieces I choose to carry on the site are carefully selected so that a girl with any type of style, whether it be bohemian, rock, grunge, or classic, she can find a garment on our site or in store that fits her particular character, spirit, and style.
fox_house on Instagram at 4.15.25 PM
IMARA MEDIAS: On your website we can see that you also showcase models, how do you choose them?
TOBI SALVERMany girls we feature are up and coming models who have contacted Fox House, eager to work with us. We love celebrating woman who are out there pushing forward to follow their dreams.
IMARA MEDIAS: What famous personality could easily be a”MY FOX HOUSE égérie”?
TOBI SALVERThat is a tough question! But I think I’d love if someone life Nicole Richie represented Fox House. I think she has a perfect combination of style, beauty, grace, all with a boho twist.
IMARA MEDIAS: How do you see MFH in 10 years?
TOBI SALVER: I see us with several store around the country and around south Florida. As well as a household named brand. I hope to create our own capsule beachwear line.

Go check out the online store HERE & AND NOW.

You can also go to the store Location: 215 NW 36th Street MIami, FL 33127, Tobi will be very glad to help you to find what you need!

fox_house on Instagram at 4.27.13 PM


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