INTERVIEW – Ria Michelle : Inspiring Miami Fashion Blogger to follow!


Ria Michelle is not only a fancy fashion blogger.

Born in Trinidad, living in Miami, Ria has been captivated by the internet, since her childhood. She could just become a fashionista or a model but she decided to be more than this! Thus she is a real source of inspiration for fashion lovers. Currently living a dreaming life, traveling and getting paid to BE fashion, Ria does her job with devotion and passion, and has quickly became one of the best and most followed fashion bloggers in Miami.


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Inspiring Fashion blogger in Miami!


Imara Médias : How did this idea to create your own blog came up?

RIA MICHELLE : My blog is like an incarnation of different things, when I was younger,  I used to have my own personal blog, but it was not anything about fashion, it was more like what’s going on in my life. But then I get bored with that, so I stopped and I decided to be a Model! So I started with, which was basically a modeling portfolio. Then I realized that I was not very good at modeling, and discovered fashion blogs. I just said to myself “Wait a minute! I can do that! I love clothing, I love fashion, it will be easy!” (laughs)

Imara Médias : Your Definition of fashion?

RIA MICHELLE : My definition of fashion is “fun”. It is something that you can really enjoy! People can feel the energy and mood of your outfit when you walk out into the world. I can even wear a flamingo on my hair, with feathers and everything, and people will know I’m feeling a bit playful. (laughs)

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Imara Médias : How long does it takes you to do a post, shooting and so on?

RIA MICHELLE When I changed my website into a blog, I quickly realized it was not that easy. For example, today, I went on a shoot. It takes me one and a half hours to get dressed, then thirty minutes to drive down to south beach to meet the photographer, and the shoot lasts twenty to fourty five minutes, I will have the pictures in a couple of days. Other times I might have the pictures on the same day. To write a post takes me approximatively an hour and a half, because I need to figure out the way that I want the story to be told and so on. I also have to link the products, to make it easy for those who wants to purchase and then I have to do the social once it is posted, that is to say, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…. There is a lot of efforts behind each post that people don’t see.

Imara Médias : According to you, can everybody do this?

RIA MICHELLE : I don’t think so…well I mean everybody can have a fashion blog as you can do whatever you want, but to be a professional fashion blogger, you have to play by a different set of rules. You have to think about being yourself and being authentic but you also have to think about the way that you are branding yourself. Are you branding yourself in a marketable way to brands. Are you marketable, what is your quality of work like? Is it repost worthy? 

Imara Médias: Quote one of the best quality of a professional fashion blogger?

RIA MICHELLE : You have to be authentic, that is to say you do it because you love it. Like, I have a genuine internet addiction and a shopping addiction! I want to be on the internet all the time, so blogging really works for me! (laughs) I am really that person that checks Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all the time. 


Imara Médias: What kind of relationship do you have with other fashionistas and bloggers from Miami?

RIA MICHELLE I have a good relationship with pretty much everyone here. There’s not really any jealousy or rivalry here.  I do remember, I went to a fashion show during swim week once, with my friend who was writing freelance for Vogue Australia, and there was a blogger who was very upset that I was seated front row… (laughs) and she was like “why is SHE seated front row” because she’s also a writer, and a blogger. Fashion journalists sometimes hate bloggers! But I don’t think there is a real jealousy or bloggers that really don’t like each other and can’t play nice, because for the most part we are friendly within our work environment. 

Imara Médias: One of your last post showcases a wonderful blue skirt from House of Holland SS14 Homegirls’ collection.. Henry Holland himself liked this photo…. What does this means to you?

I was very excited (laughs). It is nice when the person who created the design you are wearing, acknowledges you. The House Of Holland brand even reposted it on their Instagram. It is one of the things that I love about blogging…. Working with the brands, who know who you are… and you can become more than just a consumer!


Imara Médias: What is the best thing that happened to you thanks to your blog?

RIA MICHELLE : Travel! Bebe flew me for 24 hours to  New York and put me in a very nice hotel where we filmed a video project. I think that all the video projects that I have been involved in are really great as well. Having a brand  think that you are great enough to fly an entire team down to your home to film you! That is pretty cool!

Imara Médias: You also own an online boutique: Filthy Magic. Tell me more about it?

RIA MICHELLE : This is my side project, totally separated from . Filthy Magic is my little store that I have that I wanna see grow. Filthy Magic is for the trendsetter in all of us. We are a small handful specializing in new clothing, shoes and accessories from independent designers from around the world, we are the ideal source to fill your fashion cravings.

Imara Médias: Must Have for this summer?

RIA MICHELLE : I really love white pieces at the moment. So I will just say a beautiful white dress and a killer pair of shoes (laughs).

Imara Médias: What is your biggest ambition?

RIA MICHELLE : That Filthy Magic will become more than a side project. I would like to have my own showroom with a full staff!


 If you want to have a taste of a super dope blogger Lifestyle and Fashion, FOLLOW RIAMICHELLE.COM and see how she portrays it trought clothes!




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