Meet Tulsi Karpio, international art manager!

IMG_1104Organic, brilliant, spontaneous, lively, smiling, generous, sensitive, this is definitly Tulsi Karpio.

Daughter of Costa Rica-based and world-renowned collector and gallery designer Jacob Karpio, Tulsi is a passionate art adviser and manager.She is a link between business and creativity in the art industry. Tulsi’s favourite food is undoubtedly talent, and she is one of those people behind the scene, who do their job, for real and deep reasons.

In South Beach during and and after Miami Art Basel last season, she kindly accepted to share a coffee and some of her time for an interview.

Meet Tulsi Karpio, international art manager


Appraise Art: Hello Tulsi, let’s go straight to the point. Who are you? Give 3 word that best define you?

Tulsi Karpio : Unpredictable, Motivated, Pandora Box!

306831_3931565641901_1817537362_nAppraise Art: Your father is Jacob Karpio, famous and huge man. His gallery was named one of the 75 best galleries in the world (post-war to post-millennium) by the German publication “International Art Galleries. What is the thing he has done and that you are most proud of?

Tulsi Karpio : I think it is the energy and passion he has put up for his artists. I have never seen a person who love so much what he does, and I am proud of the fact that in a very directly way he got me grew up into this. He discovered a lot of big names, big artists and he believed in them when no one else did.

Appraise Art: What does art means to you?

Tulsi Karpio : Money… (laughts) no I am joking! I don’t know because each artist has a different thing. It is very hard to define what does art means to me because it has so many meanings! It speaks to you in so many directions, so many angle that you can’t just define it. You know what? I don’t have a word for it!

Appraise Art: Are you yourself an artist? Do you paint?

Tulsi Karpio : Hell No! (laughts)

Appraise Art: One of your favourite artists?

Tulsi Karpio : Leonardo Drew is one of the artists who I work with. He is amazing, and I love him to death! He his my baby!!! but not as a lover! He is complete and he is the reason why I am here. He has always been there 100% for me, pushing me when I wanted to give up and I am in this business because of him.

 Leonardo Drew, visual artist from Brooklyn

Appraise Art: How did you guys meet ?

Tulsi Karpio : That was a long time ago! It was at a mutual friend’s place, and we became super super close, and then started our strong friendship and work relationship.


Appraise Art: One of your favourite artwork?

Tulsi Karpio : That is impossible! There is so many artworks, so many different things, so many artists… Ok…I love de work of Alexis Dubois, I really enjoy his work which is incredible. Wow there is so many! I love Ana Mendieta’s work too… I really do. Félix Gonzalez Torres is one of my favoyrite too, I love his “Untitled” artwork…. but really there is too many artists!

Piece from Alexis Dubois “Les Rumeurs” (2011).
Ana Mendieta's “Untitled” artwork (Facial Hair transplant)- 1972
Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957–1996) - "Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)

Appraise Art: What do you like more in your job?

Tulsi Karpio : People.

Appraise Art: What do you hate more in your job?

Tulsi Karpio : Unclarity. disorganization.

Appraise Art: What do you like to do during your free time?

Tulsi Karpio : Be alone, walk on the beach, just have some time for myself. I walk a lot, everywhere i can get some space from people. Oh.. that sounds terrible! laughts

Appraise Art: What are your most proud of?

Tulsi Karpio : That I never give up

Appraise Art: Do you have a message for young independent artist?

Tulsi Karpio : It is very importante to find a balance, and learn how to move in the worl. Also, don’t be affraid to make a commitment. I made a lot of sacrifices when I was young in order to evolve.

Interview by Imara Kataainama


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