K2 Model Agency: a fresh breathe of air in the Miami Fashion Industry!

Born from a combination of passion, necessity and romance K2 Agency in Miami is more than a model agency! I is the desire to do things the right way for the right reasons!

James Smith, Managing Partner of this young, dynamic and professional agency, take his responsibilities seriously, bringing new talent to the world and giving that young talent direction, protection and a controlled environment to develop.

He agreed to share some time with us and tell us more about his little baby…


James Smith (in the middle) with some members of the K2 super team

Imara Medias: To start, could you please give 3 words that best defines K2 Model Agency?

James Smith: Dedicated, passionate, trustworthy

Imara Medias:How many models does your agency represent?

The number changes as the season changes but approximately 25-30 girls and 5-10 guy models

Imara Medias:  What are the main reasons why you have decides to invest in the fashion industry?

James Smith:I believe that marketing is the core of business and in my opinion nothing communicates a message to a person better than another person…..So I am investing in relationships, peoples and a bit of technology to help get the message out in a modern way.

Imara Medias: According to you, what is a good model? Do you immediately see if someone is suitable to become a model?

James Smith: That is the million dollar question! (laughs) A good model in my opinion has the classic delicate features, height a point of focus feature that makes her/him unique and The Attitude. A young sophistication that allows her/him delicately but restlessly cut a path through the fashion jungle.


Imara Medias: How would you advise boys and girls who would love to become a model to approach your agency?

James Smith:The best way to Approach k2 Models is to access our website www.k2Models.com, or you can also write us at robert@k2models.com or James@k2models.com.

Imara Medias: Can you tell me the names of some brands that work with you?

James Smith: Style citizen, Maritmo swimwear, Marcella Acosta, Deco Drive, Daniella Blue, United colors of Benetton, Designers Nicole Miller, Gustavo Cadile, Giovanni Fajardo, LeiMarco, Glen Miller for Annturk, Planet Fashion TV, Johanna Castillo, Eva klass, OMGmiamiswimwear, Mercedes Benz Swimweek to name a few.


Imara Medias: What makes K2 different from other agencies?

James Smith: K2 Models corporate culture is not corporate lol….We take a family type approach to working with our talent.  Our concern is with talents overall health and growth, this comprises a more complete look of success.

Imara Medias: In your mind, what does the future of k2 agency looks like?

James Smith: Looks like the team coming up together and bringing the word the best possible images.

Built in the spirit of challenge and new adventures, K2 is definitely a fresh breathe of air in the Miami fashion landscape. If you would like to meet their team, contact Ahmad ( +1 786 451 7926 ) and get your name on their weekly networking dinner’s guest list!


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  1. Anya Lineva says:

    My name is Anya. I would like for you to remove my pictures from the article about K2 Models. I never gave the permission to get them published. My images are the first one in the black bathing suit and also a comp card Anya Lineva.

    Thank you and I’m waiting to hear back from you,

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