David King, the highlighter of society!

David King is one of those artists whose vision looks below the surface of everyday reality. Born in New York , he started to focused on oil painting, and sculpture, and then became a talented photographer in Atlanta.


Dark, politically committed  and uncensored, David’s work is a deep expression of the way he sees our world and society. Very smiling and open to people, David enjoys to be present to meet and chat with people during exhibitions.

His work remains quite intriguing. Each piece of art is an open window to reflexion and questioning, pushing people to think by themself.

“I do believe that artists think and create things in their mind very differently than most people do. We look at the world in a much more visual way” he said to us during his last exhibition in Aqua Art Miami (Art Basel fair )




Hidden or manifest, the messages King send out throughout images explore the act of contemplation as real art does.

In the same way he plays with lights and shades, he plays with people’s mind, showing amazing life contrasts such as beauty and sadness, or innocence and violence.

“Each piece of my work all tell their own story and they can tell a story together.”  (David King)

  Check out David King Official website here and now




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