Mari Kim, the super creative little doll from Seoul!


Recently in Miami for the Art Basel week, Mari Kim presented her wonderful universe during the Aqua fair.

“This is my first time in Miami and I feel  very relaxed here. People seem to really like my work here because it is so vibrant such as this amazing city and I am so glad!” she explained to




Born in Seoul, this young artist has studied animation at the master’s level and multimedia as an undergraduate at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Specialized in design and animation, she now lives and works in Seoul where she express her vision of women in a very personal way. Mari’s art work includes bright colors and bold lines to create simplified and idealized figures. Most of her works depict young women and many include fairy tale or other popular characters.



IMG_0899“Many times I have been told that my dolls look like me, and its funny because I always look at myself in the mirror… Maybe the inspiration start from here!” she said to

The frame is often focused on the face and she’s used to design kaleidoscopic eyes just like a window that is opened on the soul of each character. Sometimes, the women have been violated and are shown with cuts or stitched lips.

Check Out Mari Kim official website here and now:


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