Come Back To Me: When Rap Music Meets Romance With a Caribbean Flavor!

Who said Hip-hop doesn’t have its share of romantic tunes?

Caribbean rapper Solano obviously did not!

Photo de ilovesolano at 11.38.33

Born and raised in Sint Marteen island, which is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Solano is a multicultural artist whose work is the true reflexion of himself.
In is new “Come Back To Me video, the rapper is trying to make up to his beautiful girlfriend… How many of us have never been through this type of situation?

ilovesolano on Instagram at 10.55.29

With a 90 rnb vibe, a carribean touch, and a warm atmosphere, this song is definitely a great way to show love, while making people travel throughout music.

Click on the link below, close you eyes for a moment, and here you go!

 Want to know more about SOLANO?

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