From Dream to Reality: Alicia Williams, Fashion Designer in Miami

The Magic City is full of unique and nuanced style. Beyond the neon beachwear and glitzy minidresses, lies a populace brimming with unexpected influences…

1544386_3769675138364_1341170984_nCurrently living in Miami, FL, born and raised in Mobile, AL, she is one of those who understand how crucial it is to fulfill your dreams and her clothing line, is evidence of that.

Creating J. Taylor Couture, Alicia has created an amazing and remarkable tribute to the female body. Modern, audacious and of course extremely chic, her pieces symbolise the timeless beauty and glamour we look for but rarely find in fashion.

She agreed to share some of her time with us in order to tell us more about her experience and vision of Fashion.

Meet Alicia Williams, Fashion Designer in Miami

Imara Medias: How did you start to work in the fashion industry:

Alicia Williams: I learned how to design at the age of 13 while attending Dunbar School of Performing Arts. I started modeling when I was 15 and during this time this I gained a lot of hands on experience in the industry.

Imara Medias: How would you define your brand’s style?

Alicia Williams: J. Taylor Couture is a line that celebrates feminity. I love the female body, I love everything about Women, and I have always created clothes, that Women would be proud to wear. Celebrating women, that is what J Taylor Couture is about! (laughs).

Imara Medias: Who is the J Taylor Couture Woman?

Alicia Williams: She would be a woman who is intelligent, unique and confident! She’s a woman that’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Imara Medias: What was the first thing you have designed? Do you remember it?
Alicia Williams: Yes, I do! (laughs) I designed a pair of high waisted linen pants! They were blue to be exact! (laughs)

Imara Medias: What does fashion means to you?

Alicia Williams: Fashion is transformational works of art that one uses to outwardly express their individuality. When I think about designing, I try and approach it from my customer’s point of view. My goal is to always create something they will fall in love with, something they will feel represents who they are. After all, that is the purpose of fashion.

Imara Medias: Throughout your work, you are a very inspiring person. Don’t you think?

Alicia Williams: Oh thank you! I try… I really do try! As a child, I went through the process of figuring out who I wanted to be. There are those you look up to and admire, even those you want to be like. But when it’s all said and done, I did what it took to define myself, determine who I am going to be. My goal is to inspire those I come in contact with. I want to be someone the entire world can find in.

Imara Medias: Who is your favorite Fashion brand?

Alicia Williams: It might sound cliché, but for me it is Chanel. Her pieces are so classy and will never go out out style! I have never purchased anything from Chanel and wondered if it was worth the investment. And that’s the principal I use when designing as well. I do not want to create things that would just be a part of a trend and be left hanging in your closet for decoration. My goal is always to create beautiful clothing you will be able to wear forever!

Imara Medias: What do you love more in your job?

Alicia Williams: Seeing my ideas come to life. Seeing the finished product give me great joy. And most importantly, seeing the look on my customer’s face when they wear something I have created.

Imara Medias: What is the most difficult thing, as a designer?

Alicia Williams: For me, the most difficult part of designing is the unknown. Not knowing if your designs will be loved by others as much as you love them.

Imara Medias: How would you define Miami’s fashion scene?

Alicia Williams: In my opinion, because of the climate and temperature, it is probably a little bit more liberal and outgoing. I think Miami has a style of its own, which is also inspiring to me.

Imara Medias: What do you think about the evolution of Miami’s fashion Industry?

Alicia Williams: I think it is amazing! One of the things that I absolutely love about fashion in Miami is that it is bold and unique. Fashion has evolved over the years and is somewhat less conservative and Miami embraces everything I love about fashion.

Imara Medias: Any advices for the young and apprentice designers who wish to fulfill their creative dreams?

Alicia Williams: If you are going to become a designer, give your absolute best, do not cut corners and make sure your designs truly represent what you have to offer.


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